Built around 1882 by the Denver & New Orleans Railroad to house railroad employees.  This Section House is the sole remaining section house from the D&NO Railroad line. 

Established in 1890...

This building was originally located on the northwest corner of Broadway and Main Streets.  The first business in the building was probably the Cort-Hames General Store.  Established in 1884 by Dan Cort, it was one of the oldest, if not the oldest, firms in Elbert County.

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This building which is now being utilized as a Viaero Wireless store was originally built as the Farmers’ State Bank which was organized in 1902.  By 1909, the Farmers’ State Bank had merged with First National and was then known only as First National.

To learn more about the history of Main Street, look for the plaques spread throughout downtown.

This was the first known First National Bank of Elizabeth, which may have been organized as early as 1896, but moved to this location in 1907 when the building was constructed.
In 1929 it was called the Elizabeth State Bank.

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Photos and Text Credit: Elbert County Historical Society http://elbertcountymuseum.org