Future Works:

  • Introduction of new events to Main Street, making it a center of community activity.
  • Becoming a Certified Local Government which allows for establishing historic districts and to help preserve our local history.
  • Laying the foundation for the continuation of the program which will include figuring out a potential Business Improvement District (BID).
  • Small beautification projects such as new Main Street banners and flower baskets.
  • In the middle of completing the process for the installment of wayfinding and gateway signage.


What is the Main Street Program?

Elizabeth is a Main Street Community which means that the town has greater access to technical, state, and professional assistance as well as potential grants and funds, than we would if we were not a part of the program. The intention of the program is to protect, sustain, and revitalize Main Street in downtown Elizabeth through historic preservation, beautification projects, promoting the local economy, and inviting wise development on Main Street, among other things.

There is a Board of Directors, the members of which are approved by the Board of Trustees, which collectively defines and helps carry out the program's goals that are tailored to Elizabeth. Although the Main Street Program is National, there are state subsidiary programs which for the State of Colorado is called Colorado Main Street. The program is housed under the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) which is where Elizabeth receives much of its resources and assistance. DOLA has also teamed up with the private non-profit, Downtown Colorado Inc., which assists in the Colorado Main Street Program and works in community revitalization generally.

As of 2016, each community has at least one transformational strategy which consists of an over-arching vision and the "four pillars" that are bound together cohesively by that vision. The four pillars are Organization, Promotion, Design, and Economic Vitality.

Currently, Elizabeth is a candidate community, but is rapidly approaching the second tier which is a designated community. Here is a rough outline of what we have done and where we are going in the future:


  • Professional consultations for determining the appropriate BID for Main Street.
  • This will prepare for a future potential Streetscape plan (see conceptual designs from grad students at CU Denver's University Technical Assistance (UTC) program).
  • Working with the non-profit private developer, Artspace, to develop the Gesins Lot establishing mixed-use affordable housing geared towards artists and which would double as a center for the community.
  • A community driven initiative for the repainting of store facades on Main Street or the downtown area.